Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Si Dian Jin In Singapore

affordable si dian jin singapore
(Credit: SK Jewellery, Her Jewellery Official Store)

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re planning for your big day! Aside from picking the perfect white dress, considering customary wedding traditions can be stressful. The si dian jin (四点金) gifting ceremony is a symbolic custom that is still in practice today. However, more affordable gold jewellery designs and modern si dian jin sets are now available in Singapore. To help you (and your husband-to-be) out, we’ve put together a complete guide to si dian jin in Singapore. From modern si dian jin designs to where to buy si dian jin in Singapore, read on for more ideas!

What is si dian jin?

bride wearing traditional si dian in gold jewellery bangles
(Credit: SK Jewellery)

Si dian jin (四点金) literally translates into ‘four pieces of gold’. It is gifted by the groom’s mother to the bride during the Guo Da Li (过大礼), or Chinese betrothal ceremony. This ceremony is conducted 15 to 20 days before the actual wedding day at the bride’s home.

Why four pieces of gold jewellery? While gold is considered auspicious, the Jin (金) character resembles the 4-point curved sloping rooftops of olden houses in China. The four pieces of gold jewellery signifies that the new bride will always have a roof over her head and that she will be well taken care of. This typically consists of a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bangle or bracelet and a ring. Mothers-in-law (MILs) can either choose to buy a new si dian jin set or pass down family heirloom pieces.

What do traditional si dian jin jewellery designs symbolise?

lady wearing gold necklace and ear studs with black top

Motifs like the pig, phoenix or flowers are often found on traditional si dian jin jewellery pieces. 

  • Pig: Represents fertility and abundance. 
  • Dragon and phoenix: Signify a balanced harmony between the couple 
  • Flower: Represents the bride’s elegance as well as an abundance of joy for the to-be-weds.

While some brides might prefer traditional pieces, there are also modern si dian jin designs these days for brides in Singapore who want to continue observing this custom but also have a trendy piece of fine jewellery for daily wear. Before your big day, drop hints to your fiance about the gold jewellery designs you’d like for your si dian jin gift in Singapore! 

How much does si dian jin cost in Singapore?

si dian jin set including butterfly necklace, ear studs and ring
(Credit: Maxi-Cash Singapore Official Store)

Typically, si dian jin prices in Singapore range from $700 to a few thousand dollars. If you’re looking to buy affordable si dian jin sets, check out our recommendations for options priced comfortably below $1,500. Psst, if you’re open to the idea of rose gold-plated jewellery for your si dian jin set in Singapore, read on for our bonus feature at the end of the article!

Where to buy affordable si dian jin in Singapore

1. SK Jewellery

Si dian jin price: $946

fu pendant necklace, swan earrings, gold bracelet and love struck pure gold ring si dian jin set singapore
(Credit: SK Jewellery Official Store)

Wondering where to buy si dian jin? Find some of the best-looking gold pieces in Singapore from SK Jewellery Official Store. 999 pure gold is the best grade of gold that’s readily available. Plus, the price of SK Jewellery’s 999 pure gold range is one of the more affordable ones.

The Prosperity Rattle Drum 999 Pure Gold Pendant (available on SK Jewellery Official Store) is engraved with the character ‘Fu’. It represents good fortune and luck and is the necklace to wear to welcome the new chapter of your life. Pair it with these gorgeous Swan Heart Diamond Earrings and Marigold Love Struck 999 Pure Gold Ring (both available on SK Jewellery Official Store) for a classy feel without compromising on the striking beauty of these pieces. Lastly, balance it out with this simple yet elegant 10K Yellow Gold Link Bracelet (available on SK Jewellery Official Store) to adorn your wrists.

2. Goldheart

Si dian jin price: $1,429

goldheart si dian jin set gold necklace, mode 916 gold earrings with crown design, white gold and sapphire ring, gold heart tassel bracelet
(Credit: Goldheart Singapore Official Store)

Goldheart 四点金 prices are more affordable than you might think and the brand also offers that spark of individuality for your si dian jin sets in Singapore!

Don’t want anything too gaudy? This classic 999 Gold Necklace (available on Goldheart Singapore Official Store) with a simple pendant will win you over for sure. It’ll fit especially well with this MODE Gold 916 Gold Earrings (available on Goldheart Singapore Official Store) that features a cute crown design.

As for your ring, reach for something unique like this 14K White Gold Diamond & Pink Sapphire Ring (available on Goldheart Singapore Official Store) — studded with gorgeous diamonds and pink sapphires. This two-toned ring will surely hold its own amidst traditional jewellery designs. But of course, minimalist brides will love this 916 Gold Heart Tassel SDJ Bracelet (available on Goldheart Singapore Official Store) that’ll blend seamlessly with your everyday wear.

3. Citigems

Si dian jin price: $1,455

jade gold necklace, butteryfly ear studs, white gold bracelet and knot ring si dian jin set singapore
(Credit: Maxi-Cash Singapore Official Store)

Looking for a modern si dian jin set that strikes a balance between symbolic yet contemporary designs? Meet your jewellery needs from Citigems at Maxi-Cash Singapore Official Store. You’ll find affordable gold jewellery pieces in Singapore that feature designs you won’t mind wearing even after your wedding.

We couldn’t take our eyes off this mesmerising 18K Yellow Gold Jade Diamond Pendant (available on Maxi-Cash Singapore Official Store). The colour green signifies balance, wealth, fertility (ahem!) luck and harmony. It doesn’t hurt that this will also rock with a crisp blouse or shirt. But the symbolism doesn’t just stop there. Clasp on this 18K Rose Gold Square Movable Diamond Bracelet and Angel Trumpet Flower Ring (both available on Maxi-Cash Singapore Official Store) — flowers signify jubilation and wealth. These 916 Butterfly Earrings (available on Maxi-Cash Singapore Official Store) only add to the wedding theme as butterflies signify a blissful union for the married couple.

4. TAKA Jewellery

Si dian jin price: $1362

triangle necklace, water droplet shaped hoop gold earring, heart bracelet and gold ring si dian jin set taka jewellery singapore
(Credit: TAKA Jewellery Official Store)

For si dian jin pieces that can easily match your everyday wear, check out TAKA Jewellery, where you’ll find a wide array of contemporary designs. Go for the 916 Gold Necklace (available on TAKA Jewellery Official Store) that features an edgy triangular shaped pendant for a subtle statement. Match it with the modish 999 Pure Gold Hoops Earrings (available on TAKA Jewellery Official Store) that sports a water droplet design — an instant way to make any outfit look extra atas. On other occasions, clasp on this 999 Pure Gold Bracelet Heart (available on TAKA Jewellery Official Store) and the sparkly 916 Gold Ring for a regal get-up!

5. Lee Hwa Jewellery

Si dian jin price: $1,072

rose gold swing star diamond pendant, rose gold pearl earrings, bangle with malachite and diamond, pearl ring
(Credit: Lee Hwa Jewellery)

If you’re a bride that’s looking for exquisite yet contemporary jewellery designs, then Lee Hwa Jewellery is the store to consider. They offer an array of lovely and affordable pieces of gold jewellery in Singapore.

The Clio 14K Rose Gold Swing Star Diamond Pendant (available on Lee Hwa Jewellery) is created from 14K rose gold with three rings entwined and a stunning diamond taking center stage. It’s definitely a modern si dian jin piece that you can wear with your wedding dress. We reckon this will look good over a sweetheart neckline! While the pendant can hold its own, the earrings, bracelet and ring are equally lovely. The elegant 14K Rose Gold Pearl Earrings (available on Lee Hwa Jewellery) is one to shell out for.

For a twist on traditional gold rings, slip on the Passion 14K White Gold Bangle with Malachite and Diamond (available on Lee Hwa Jewellery). Malachite is a stone that absorbs negative energy and leaves you at peace. We also adore its unique cuff-like design, making it a fuss-free accessory to wear for any girl boss out there. Complete the set with the dainty Eve White Gold Pearl Earring with Diamond (available on Lee Hwa Jewellery) that’s subtle enough for the modern bride.

6. Top Cash Jewellery

Si dian jin price: $965

heart pendant with details, dangle heart earrings, rope bracelet and inifinity ring si dian jin set singapore
(Credit: Top Cash Jewellery Official)

For the sentimental ones who are looking to mark your big day with symbolic pieces, check out Top Cash Jewellery for a range of designs that include traditional and contemporary options. Celebrate your love with the 916 Gold Heart Pendant (available on Top Cash Jewellery Official) that features an ornate heart with intricate details. Similarly, go for the understated 999 Pure Gold Dangle My Heart Earrings that’s simple yet elegant — a sure way to enhance any outfit. 

Ropes symbolise eternal loyalty. As you tie the knot, wear the 916 Rope Bracelet that’s perfectly apt for the occasion. And to mark eternity, get the 916 Gold Versatile Ring (both available on Top Cash Jewellery Official) that features a design that resembles multiple infinity signs.

7. Poh Heng

 Si dian jin price: $1,298

cherry white gold necklace, hoop earrings, heartbeat bracelet and stripe ring poh heng si dian jin set singapore
(Credit: Poh Heng Jewellery)

Mix and match your si dian jin jewellery in Singapore with white gold and traditional gold pieces. This White Gold Cherry Pendant (available on Poh Heng Jewellery) will sit beautifully with both formal outfits and casual dresses. After that, top on 22K Gold Hoop Earrings (available on Poh Heng Jewellery) and you can set off for the day. Slip on this 18K White Gold Bracelet that features a unique heartbeat design and Freestyle Stripe Ring (both available on Poh Heng Jewellery) for a more chic look — we bet no one would be able to guess these pieces were part of your Si Dian Jin jewellery set in Singapore!

BONUS: Her Jewellery

Si dian jin price: $119.91

rose gold diamond necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring si dian jin set singapore
(Credit: Her Jewellery Official Store)

Most si dian jin sets fall in the price range of $1k to $2k as they’re made from solid gold. However, this particular rose gold-plated jewellery set from Her Jewellery Official Store is just over $100. Plated jewellery is commonly known as an inexpensive option. This is because the base materials (metal and thin gold layering) are considerably cheaper than solid gold. 

The chain and pendant of this sweetheart pendant rose gold necklace (available on Her Jewellery Official Store) is plated with 18K rose gold, hypoallergenic, and adorned with a stunning Swarovski crystal in the middle. Match it with the pair of Lowe Solitaire Earrings (available on Her Jewellery Official Store) —  quality brass earrings with 18K rose gold plating. Who can say no to more bling? The brand’s Imperial Ring and Circle Tennis Bangle (both available on Her Jewellery Official Store) are bound to make you the star of the show — as every bride should be. The stunning bangle is embellished with 23 pieces of sparkling crystals! In addition, the ring comes in a variety of sizes for a perfect fit.

Pick a si dian jin set in Singapore that speaks to you

We hope this guide on how to choose si dian jin in Singapore has come in handy! If you’re looking to rack up some savings as you plan your big day, check out these affordable wedding dresses online and DIY wedding decor hacks in Singapore! Amassed a cartful of items? Check them out during our 10.10 Brands Festival to enjoy upsized discounts!

This article was updated on 14 September 2021. Additional research done by Liang Shi Nan.